The Lagree Method is unlike any other workout; it’s intense, therapeutic, and continuously challenging all at the same time. This unique method combines cardiovascular and muscular endurance that puts little to no impact on your joints. After just a few classes you will see and feel the results, and quickly watch your body develop strong lean muscles. It’s a total body workout that will have you shaking and burning and you will leave each class feeling a little bit stronger. 

While there are many aspects that makeup this workout, some of the most important things to focus on are: 

Effective Angle & Body Alignment = FORM 

Above all else “Proper Form” is number one over all other training elements of this method. If form is incorrect, then the routine will be ineffective to train and workout the correct muscle. Form might look different for different people – effective form for some may be a plank on the toes and for others may be a knee plank. Finding the right form for your body is #1, which is something we will help you do.

Range of Motion: 

Range of motion is key as well because if you do not practice the correct range of motion you could disengage the muscle group being targeted. For some exercises full range of motion works best, whereas other exercise routines like “the wheelbarrow” – a routine that targets your center core – won’t require full range of motion to be effective. 


Your ideal spring load is a resistance that triggers change in the body for the full duration of the move, but does not put strain on the muscle. In a typical gym setting “more weight = more challenge”. Not with the Lagree Method, where more is not always better. You select the correct spring-load on the Megaformer that will test and challenge your muscles to improve your overall flexibility, strength and endurance without risk of injury.  


“How slow can you go” is the motto for the Lagree Method. For many of us, this becomes a challenge because our brains are programmed to faster means harder and better workout. However, with Lagree you go slow and controlled, then even slower. Why slower? By taking the momentum out of the movement, you incorporate and utilize more muscle fibers in a safer, more effective way. 


Duration of each routine becomes essential so that each movement lasts long enough to trigger healthy change in the body. Typically, for moves that target the waist and higher, you will perform each move for a minimum of 60 seconds , and the waist and lower, for up to 120 seconds. 

What are the benefits of minimum 60 seconds intervals?

The 60-second mark of continuous workout allows an individual to reach his or her anabolic threshold. This means the body switches from anabolic to aerobic, which causes your body to begin burning stored fat to perform the movement. After performing one move for 60 seconds, intensity comes into play, so 60 seconds should be a minimum and moves may and often should be held longer if possible. Because the lower body is harder to fatigue, routines that target this area should be held for a minimum of 120 seconds. 

The Megaformer:

A Megaformer is a one of a kind machine built with a moving carriage, spring-loaded, that moves to and from the front and rear stationary platforms. The Mega allows the individual using it to get an intense core workout that spikes the heart rate without any pressure or stress on the joints. The spring tension returns the carriage to the front platform and away from the rear platform, allowing for resistance (or lack thereof) depending on which platform the routine incorporates. This resistance challenges the muscles and engages the slow twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no magic number, but we have seen that clients who get the most desirable and most dramatic results are training with us 2 to 3 times a week, with at least one day of recovery time between sessions.

The class duration is 50 minutes with 45 min of continuous work. The last 5 minutes are used as a cool down and stretch period.

 You will get cardiovascular and metabolic stimulation during your Lagree Fitness training sessions. Most of the conditioning effects of exercise is the result of metabolic adaptations, which enhance the ability of muscle tissue to absorb and utilize oxygen.

A study of male and female subjects between 25 and 82 years of age conducted over a 10-week period, showed a 59% increase in overall strength using slow-speed repetitions compared to a 39% increase with traditional repetition speed. So yes, it is more effective. Moving slowly will stimulate more muscle fibers

It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid marathon runner, or someone who hasn’t exercised in years, we welcome all fitness levels to come and be a part of the Redefined Fitness Family.