Sarah Diab

Growing up playing various sports and constantly exploring new fitness regimes, Sarah Diab found her passion from a young age, and decided to follow her heart and open this studio. Sarah has always been a workout fanatic, making it her mission to try at least two new workouts every time she would travel anywhere and always creating new, and exciting workouts for herself at home. It wasn't until her first trip out to California that she discovered the Lagree Method. Walking out of her first class she was in awe, it was love at first sweat….she absolutely loved the way the method challenged her body, and also the way it challenged her overall mindset towards fitness. Her passion for this method stems from the fact that it’s both intense and therapeutic all at the same time and she wants everyone to experience it. Her goal is to create an inspiring and welcoming environment where people can come get an amazing sweat in and walk out feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.